Testimonial for Tamima Friedman – KW NJ Metro Group Agent

Amazing! When I started this process of selling the house I gave myself a timeline of getting it on the market by June 15 and selling by August 1. When I shared this idea with a couple of friends they said ‘You’re Nuts. You’ll never get it sold that quickly’. Well thank you all for proving to my friends how Nuts I can be! It would never have sold so quickly without Tamima and Katherine’s expert advice, contacts with good contractors, and hard work! You have truly helped my family through a challenging time with good will and grace. I am forever grateful.

— James, Seller

Testimonial for Jessica Keefe – KW NJ Metro Group Agent

Jessica helped me to downsize from my home of many decades to a townhouse nearby. She was supportive and attentive from our early conversations through the purchase of my new home and sale of my old one. She is highly knowledgeable about everything from inspections to staging. Despite listing at a challenging time of year, I had a great offer on my home within 8 days. I recommend her highly!

— Rebecca, Seller & Buyer

Testimonial for Caroline Mescia – KW NJ Metro Group Agent

“Caroline did an amazing job with our complicated Buy Sell. She helped us navigate a difficult process and did an excellent job communicating with us every step of the way. Would definitely recommend her and the whole Bolcar team.”

— Jarett, Buyer / Seller

Testimonial for Lourdes “Loudette” Dalisay – KW NJ Metro Group Agent

“Loudette came highly recommended from a mutual friend. She is a complete professional and her passion for real estate showed the very first time we met. She was very knowledgeable in all the local markets I was interested in and was very patient throughout the search. When I finally narrowed my search, focusing on the 'one'. She helped me to navigate all steps in the home buying process from the initial offer to closing. She went way above and beyond and for that reason I wouldn't hesitate in recommending her to anyone conducting transactions in the real estate market.“

— Gio W., Buyer

Testimonial for Kathryn “Kate” Lemmer – KW NJ Metro Group Agent

She's great - very patient with us and supremely responsive. She came with us to view just about every house on the market, and was very empathetic when we lost on bids. She's so good I almost want to buy another house...

— , Buyer

Testimonial for Kathryn “Kate” Lemmer – KW NJ Metro Group Agent

Kate Lemmer is a dream RE agent who is on your side the whole way. She advised me well in advance about what I needed to do to out my home on the market, gave me local comparables, and told me how and why we should list my house at the price we did. She then worked with her staff to stage the house in such a comfortable and inviting manner that I wanted to buy it all over again. As a result, I told my house within four days for much more than the listed price, and I couldn't have been happier. She knew the local market inside and out (she lived only a few blocks away) and was tenacious in getting me the best deal possible. Kudos to Kate!

— , Buyer

Testimonial for Pauline “Lina” Panza – KW NJ Metro Group Agent

"I wanted to tell you how happy we were with you and the services you provided throughout what turned out to be a very difficult process. I couldn’t imagine going through it without you. After our previous experiences with agents, it was refreshing to be treated in such a professional and respectful manner"

— Anthony, Seller

Testimonial for Jennifer Ley – KW NJ Metro Group Agent

Jen was hands down the only reason we survived the selling and buying process. She was honest, knowledgeable and held our hands when it was needed. Jen made us feel like we were the only clients in a crazy busy market and did everything she could to benefit us.

— Liz, Seller & Buyer

Testimonial for Jennifer Ley – KW NJ Metro Group Agent

I have been fortunate to know Jennifer for over 16 years from when she helped me find and buy my first home. Jennifer has since been instrumental in selling that home, purchasing two since. She embodies all of the traits essential in a great realtor: deep knowledge, great instincts and most of all patience! I have and will continue to recommend Jennifer to anyone looking to buy or sell in our area.

— Patrick, Buyer

Testimonial for Clare Morcella – KW NJ Metro Group Agent

"Clare is great at what she does. From listening to what I was looking for in my apartment to guiding me through the application & lease signing process - Clare made it easy. She was on top of everything & very quick to get answers to things and help make sure the move-in process was as smooth as possible. I would recommend Clare to friends and family looking to own or lease for sure!"

— Dani, Tenant